Prime Minister Edi Rama has accused professors and university heads of encouraging the boycott of instruction among students.

The head of government also considered the Decision of the Council of Ministers as intentional by the secretariats of the faculties.

The Prime Minister underlined that for the cycle of Bachelor studies for all students, they will pay only 50% of the fee required for this year.

The Prime Minister stated: “The government will pay 50% of the study fee for all students without exception, including those with low academic standings of grades 4 and 5 for this academic year, giving them the opportunity to be upgraded for the following year.

“I will pay 100% of the study fee for those with exceptional academic standings with grades 9-10, for families with economic assistance, for those students with disabilities, and other specified categories that will be eligible to receive a study scholarship of 100,000 lekë in the upcoming months.

“Despite the reality that the government is there to help students financially, this fact has not been relayed to several secretariats of the Universities. In my opinion, this is intentional and the aim is to misinform students.

“I have heard from many in communication with the universities and I have read the messages from students on how these university pedagogues are not willing to give lessons.

“There are pedagogues who refuse to continue teaching even with students present in the classrooms and, in fact, the majority of pedagogues want to teach, however, there are many pedagogues who prefer leaving students on the streets and skipping lessons because they would rather sit and drink a coffee,” said Rama.

Regarding the request to reduce fees related to the Masters' programs, Rama said that it will be beneficial to reduce the study fees in half for all students with high academic standing and those who come from families with economic assistance.

“A little later on this year, we will halve the study fee for the Master's program for those students who have grades of 9 and 10 and for those who come from families with economic aid. Others will pay the full fee,” informed Rama.

Prime Minister Rama guaranteed that the requirements of the students will be fulfilled within the month and the University Pact, which will be published, will go beyond the 8 requests.

The statements made by the Prime Minister took place at the first meeting of this year's platform for co-governance.