More than 2,000 students of the Polytechnic University of Tirana have been equipped with a Student Card, thus benefiting from a range of free or low-cost services.

Mayor Veliaj expressed his satisfaction for the progress made with this process at the University and added that, up until now, more than 10,000 cards have already been distributed.

“Over 10 thousand students across Tirana have been equipped with the Student Card. I hope that by the end of June or continuing into July, as the exam season continues, we will be able to distribute all the cards,” said Veliaj.

He emphasized that, thanks to some private entities and businesses which have offered their services, the number of benefits for students has considerably increased.

“We currently have about 50-60 products or discounts for public services of the municipality, the Ministry of Culture, and other entities, mainly focusing on public services for students.

“Furthermore, there is nearly as much on offer from private companies, with discounts for stationary, clothing, groceries, restaurants, and other electronic services to help students,” added Veliaj.

He underlined that they will continue to work on the distribution of cards during the remaining weeks before the students break up for summer vacation, with the aim that every student can access the range of services offered via the Student Card.

“We want to keep this rhythm all summer long. At the last meeting of the City Council we created a separate agency, the Student Card Agency for the City of Tirana.

“If this project, as it has been operating so far, finishes successfully, then it will be an example, a base for other municipalities, as we have already set up the database and it functions very well,” concluded Veliaj.