Tampering with the quality of alcoholic beverages is a phenomenon on the rise again, causing significant health problems for Albanians.

In an interview for RTV Ora, the Head of the Consumer Protection Association, Hasan Stafa, raised concerns that in 2018 there were 14 cases of dangerous intoxication which are suspected of being the result of illegal additives present in consumed alcoholic beverages.

Stafa says that there have been cases of products being blocked from sale ever since the concerning occurrences of 2012, which saw citizens of Dibër lose their lives due to consumption of tainted alcohol.

While Stafa sees this as an emergency situation, on the other hand, the former Minister, Ilir Beqja's, proposed the cancellation of fines imposed on subjects found to be in violation.

According to him, authorities should initiate a reassessment of administrative measures in order to avoid businesses being forced to close their doors.

/Ora News.tv/