Tirana Penal Court has released former MP, Klevis Balliu and nine other protesters who were arrested in the Astir area last Sunday.

The hearing for the 10 detainees lasted about 2 hours and was held behind closed doors, with the result being an "Obligation to Appear" being issued for all 10 who stood before the judge.

The prosecution demanded the security measure “Arrest in jail” for all the defendants and insisted their detention was legal.

The prosecution presented as evidence the police services and film footage of the media, which were opposed by defense lawyers who argued they could not be held in prison with such evidence.

At the conclusion of the court hearing, former DP MP, Flamur Noka said protests by residents, supported by the opposition, will continue.

“No matter how much Edi Rama and his gang try to subjugate the inhabitants of the ‘New Ring’, it will be impossible. Today they have the most just cause that a citizen can have in a democracy.

“The protest will continue. It's a legitimate protest. The fact that they have tried to accuse them of blocking the road...This is the responsibility of the police to manage and they should have taken action,” said Flamur Noka.

/Ora News.tv/