Residents of Gjirokastër woke up to find their city covered in snow. It is reported that the Gjirokastër-Kakavijë national axes remain blocked and no snow removal equipment has been used to clear the roads.

Snow precipitation also touched the Korça district and all axes are passable only with snow chains. The precipitation in the city has reached 10 cm of depth, while in the mountainous areas the depth of snow is 20 -25 cm.

Axes around the area are only passable with snow chains due to the extremely low temperatures and ice on the road.

In Lushnja, temperatures above 2 degrees Celsius were registered during the night period and there are no reported frost or road problems. Snowfalls in Dibër also cause difficulties in traffic circulation due to the density of snow.

In Llogara, the road is currently passable despite all the snowfall and road authorities are working diligently to keep the normal levels of traffic flow.

Meanwhile, referring to the weather conditions, three schools in the Vlora district have not started teaching. Particularly in the village of Kuçi, the school has not opened instruction due to cold weather conditions and an earthquake a few days ago.

Nor did schools in the Amonicë and Horr-Vranisht villages open today and allow students to attend class due to the frost.

In the Municipalities of Delvina and Finiq, there was snowfall during the night hours, while in the early hours of the morning the precipitation transitioned into rainfall.

As for the axis in Muzinë, drivers are only allowed to cross with chains.