The opposition has launched their organization efforts for the protest on the 16th of February!

Chair of Democratic Party in Durrës, Ferdinand Xhaferri, during a meeting with residents of former Këneta, invited them to join the protest.

The call among Democrats, according to them, extends to anyone who is as dissatisfied with the corrupted Rama government as they are. The DP chair in Durres, Xhaferri, emphasized that a protest is the only solution.

“If a neighborhood citizen goes out to protest, it does not mean that he is against this government, it means he disagrees with the politics promulgated by the government or hates what it is currently doing. But out of protests come solutions,” explained Xhaferri.

***Borrowing the same question posed by the American Embassy, referencing major arrests of individuals accused of criminal or corrupt activity, Democrats in Durrës have prepared posters with the response: Who’s next?!