The Albanian government warns all businesses that any failure to act in accordance with the law on tax evasion will face penalties.

The deputy Prime Minister, Erion Braçe, said there would be zero tolerance for any abuse of informalities while urging administrators of some businesses to give up on threats or favoritism.

But the Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, believes the reason for the informality is due to Edi Rama’s government favoring his clients.

Due to the enrichment of the oligarchs through the smuggling of fuel and cigarettes according to DP leader Basha, the state budget collected 25.2 million euros less in the first 6 months of the 2019 year.

He stated: “The violence of fines and seizures against small businesses that ensure the survival of most Albanian families is created to rob them of their money and to finance the greed and luxury of Edi Rama and his millionaire clients.

“He steals the entire state budget with criminal contracts and concessions; Stealing Albanian property for oil along the coast, rivers, forests and public and private lands,”

The Democratic Party has also accused the majority of incriminating people within its controlled institutions.

In the wake of the decision by The United States State Department involving the corruption scandal of Vangjush Dako, the deputy Prime Minister has issued no answer as to whether or not they will expel the former mayor of Durrës from the Socialist Party leadership.

“Any allegation made against Mr. Dako and everyone else, including members in the Socialist Party leadership or in other political parties, there will be an investigation and the case will be judged according to the law.

“No one can avoid investigations and trials. We do not ever intend in interfering in the process between justice authorities and an individual who has specific allegations against them.

“Each individual will face these bodies of justice individually, in accordance with the law, and in a fair and equitable process.

“There was a time when immunity was used to escape justice so today we continue to have a system of impunity at the highest levels of politics. There are still unresolved court cases where the theft of millions, and hundreds of millions of euros, took place. But not anymore. Everyone has to face it,” declared Braçe.

Moreover in his declaration, Braçe accused Lulzim Basha of using any means to escape justice, but suggested that with the establishment of SPAK, there will be no one able to escape the crimes they have committed.