According to the official statement released by Tirana Police, the reason for police intervention was due to the fact that protesters breached the police cordon.

The decision against them was taken after analyzing film footage and evidence collected by experts. In these cases the penal code determines a punishment of up to 9 years in prison. 

During the protest in front of Parliament, it's been reported that 2 Police officers were injured while 8 of the protestors received medical attention.

The type of tear gas used by the Police to disperse the protesters is known as "Muzzle Blast”, in which the stated effects include: temporarily paralyzing crowds.

According to the explanation on the website of the Serbian company that produces it, it causes strong irritation, mucous, coughing and accelerated breathing; however, it does not cause permanent damage.

The Socialist Movement for Integration chair, Monika Kryemadhi was invited to the show “Tempora” at Ora News after the protest.

She said the analysis of the gas thrown on protesters by the Police will be sent abroad for verification.

She said the effects of toxic gas appeared overnight and that she felt pain in her chest. Stating:

“We will take the analysis and send it out of Albania to determine which gas had been used on protesters. This is the only way we can verify why former MP Kejdi Mehmetaj has been vomiting after being sprayed with the tear gas.”

The opposition protest before parliament lasted for about 3 hours, while a plenary session was held in Parliament hall where only the majority MPs were present.

During the protest, there were confrontations with protesters who, according to the Police, shot at them with slingshots, resulting in their use of tear gas. Meanwhile the Democratic Party chair, Luzim Basha, accuses the police of provoking the protesters.