The President of the Republic of Albania, H. E. Ilir Meta, today filed a criminal report at the Special Prosecution Office (SPAK) against 3 senior officials of the Ministry of Justice, namely:

 -Etilda Dalip GONJAJ, Acting Minister of Justice.

 -Gentian Fehmi DEVA, acting Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice.

 -Etleva Admir HAXHIA, Acting Director of the Center for Official Publications.

They are accused of conspiring together in commiting the following offenses:

 1. “Abuse of Duty”, provided by Article 248 of the Criminal Code;

 2. “Exercising unlawful influence over persons exercising public office” provided for in Article 245/1 of the Criminal Code;

 3. “Falsification of Documents”, provided by Article 186 of the Criminal Code

 4. “Acquisition of title or state duty”, provided by Article 246 of the Criminal Code.

The President filed this report at the Special Prosecution against Organized Crime and Corruption (SPAK) not only given the fact that it is a follow-up procedural step following the Reporting made on 19.11.2019 and the Additional Reporting made on 18.02.  2020, but also for the fact that this subject matter jurisdiction belongs to the SPAK under Article 148/4 and 135/2 of the Constitution and Articles 25/3 and 75 / a of the Code of Criminal Procedure.