President Ilir Meta, has said that he considers Albania's role in providing stability to the Balkans to be very important.

Furthermore, Albanian diplomats have to follow the policy of strengthening NATO's role in the region by supporting Macedonia's membership in the North Atlantic Alliance.

"Albania's policy is for the strengthening the role of NATO in the region" said Ilir Meta.

The President reconfirmed his position that he does not see equipping Kosovo Albanians with Albanian passports as a solution to the visa-liberalization issue of Kosovo.

Meta said that Albania is under monitoring, and any emotional action would harm the free movement of Albanians.

"We are currently under monitoring and scrutiny. Providing Albanian passports to Kosovars will do more harm than good" said Ilir Meta.

Meta praised the development of culture and art as a great influence on economic diplomacy, as well as on internal tasks that create a favorable business climate.

All this will increase foreign investments in Albania.

"Economic diplomacy depends on culture, art and business climate" said Meta.

At the meeting with the ambassadors, the head of state praised the establishment of the Ministry for Diaspora, as a way of utilizing the potential of Albanians abroad.

President Meta called for the union of all Albanians in this, the "Year of Skanderbeg".