Today is the International Day for the Elderly, as designated back on December 14, 1990 by the United Nations General Assembly in the representation as a day of global respect for the elderly.

During a conversation with the elderly, President Ilir Meta called for more attention, care, love and compassion for parents and grandparents. Furthermore, the President praised their experience as a valuable asset for the future of Albanian society.

At a time when Albanian society is becoming more individualistic, President Ilir Meta has appealed for more care for the elderly, raising the example of Saint Mother Teresa, who inspired millions to love all as thy family.

“Taking care of and paying attention to the challenges and problems facing the elderly is an obligation of our entire society,” underlined President Meta.

The President praised the experience of our parents and grandparents as a valuable asset and demanded more attention from state institutions.

“Our society, especially the younger generation, must not only learn from your experience, but must invest these experiences in educating the younger generation with the sense of work, honesty, responsibility and seriousness, but also maintaining and strengthening our national sentiment,” expressed President Meta.