Korça residents woke up in the early hours of this morning by a strong earthquake and many after-shocks which were repeated over several hours.

The first tremor was felt at around 06:27 am with a magnitude 5.3 on the Richter's Scale and depth of 4 kilometres.

As a result, two people were injured from the village of Floq, and were immediately sent to hospital to receive medical treatment.

Residents were injured by the collapse of bricks that have been detached from cracked walls. Meanwhile, about 12 dwellings were damaged in the villages Vidohova, Floq and Dvoran.

In the city of Korça, several apartment buildings suffered from cracks in the walls and are currently at risk of collapsing.

Alarmed by the situation, residents are staying outside of their homes, in fear of any other possible earthquakes.

Some residents have compare this earthquake to that of the year of 1961.

Vibrations were even felt in Erseka and Pogradec, while the epicenter of the earthquake was 12 km between Korça and Erseka, in the village of Mollas.

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