Potholes replete with water and mud have been shown on full display during these rainy days in the neighborhood “Besëlidhja” in Lezhë. The neighborhood apartments for thousands of citizens suffer from a lack of infrastructure, although the municipality promises an intervention.

Pedestrian and vehicular movement has been difficult due to the abundance of muddy potholes and citizens have complained that the roads have disintegrated completely.

In the housing block adjacent to the problematic roads, there has not been an investment for decades.

The situation has hampered the livelihoods of residents who say they have been forgotten by their local government.

The Municipality of Lezhë says that investments in the "Besëlidhja" neighborhood remain a city priority in their list of projects, and although a promise has been made to residents by the municipality, they have not provided a specific time frame for the project. 

/Ora News.tv/