Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Damian Gjiknuri paid a visit to the Port of Durres, inspecting the passenger terminal closely and holding a discussion with the Port directors regarding potential development.

 "We are here because we will have two very interesting developments in the Port of Durres. 

 "Firstly, this year we will begin the long-awaited project of deepening and expanding the Port, which means there will be space for more activities. 

 "In addition, discussions have begun about the possibility of turning the Port of Durres into a Mediterranean Cruises destination. 

 "That means during the season, a cruise ship would arrive here every day, bringing a significant economic boost for the port and the entire city of Durres." said Damin Gjiknuri.

 Further, he clarified that the Port Authority has taken the appropriate steps to apply to donors and banks in finding funding, which will enable the further development of the Port.

  "The Port Authority has also applied for funding at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, where the request was seen with high priority.

 "I am convinced that by combining this funding with the increased interest of the cruises, there will be a greater economic growth for the port and the whole city. 

 "The Port generally experiences economic growth, but the level will be further increased." explained Gjiknuri.

 Gjiknuri emphasized that investments into the road network will also increase interest in the Port of Durres, to the benefit of not only Albania, but also other countries in the region.