The surrender of Klement Balili has brought about opposite interpretations of the incident to the foreground among politicians. Prime Minister, Edi Rama, in his reaction to the incident has called it a major step in the fight against organized crime.

The head of government has not been hesitant to criticize the media, calling it “fake news” once again.

“The media point out that Klement Balili stood at police doors after a stroll in the pedestrian area of Delvinë. This is untrue.

“This is a result of one of the most sophisticated police operations that have been ongoing for months. Balili’s surrender is a successful accomplishment.

“Klement Balili is now behind bars; this is a big step in the fight against organized crime with a meaningful outcome for others. “I’d like to congratulate Minister Sandër Lleshi, the State Police and The State Intelligence Services.

As for Democratic Party, Klement Balil's surrender is considered to be a managed and controlled handover. 

In a media statement from the Blue Headquarters, Deputy Head of the Democratic Party, Edi Paloka, said that Klement Balili will also apply the same methods to free himself from all charges, just as in the case of Saimir Tahiri.

“Klement Balil's involvement in drug trafficking from behind bars is not a major step against crime, but the managed and controlled delivery of the Balkan embassy to the pact supporting Edi Rama.

“With the surrender of Klement Balili, Edi Rama is implementing the same sophisticated scheme as he did with Saimir Tahiri, including a checked delivery, surface investigation and release of heavy drug trafficking charges,“ said Paloka.

President Ilir Meta also spoke about Klement Balili's arrest.

“I praise the arrest of Klement Balil, a person with very serious problems regarding the law.

Meta said in a statement to the media from the city of Lezha, “I would like to thank not only law enforcement agencies but also our International partners for the overall pressure that was applied in order to achieve this result today.”