The interceptions published by the German tabloid newspaper BILD, according to the Democratic Party chair, Lulzim Basha, have removed any doubt that either Albanians or foreigners may have had in regards to Edi Rama using corrupt methods to keep himself in power.

Basha declares this as evidence that Rama has bought votes from gangs and international drug traffickers.

The opposition leader took to Facebook today to declare his thoughts on the intercepts that, he believes, are proof of the Prime Minister's links to the mafia.

“6 intercepts published by the German media as part of file 339/1 are the ‘radiography’ of mafia links and the illegal coming to power of Edi Rama.

“The discussions within prove the power of organized crime.

“It influences the appointment of MPs and Mayors of the Socialist Party. It buys votes on behalf of Edi Rama according to the target set by him. It orders the public administration to identify Edi Rama’s political opponents and to threaten their votes.

“It receives state favours in violation of the law and it determines the political agenda both inside and outside of the country.

“The interceptions held by the prosecution, which is controlled by Edi Rama, are an unquestionable confirmation that the interceptions published by BILD are indicative of Edi Rama's political history.

“He has come to power through crime and he maintains power over crime and for crime.

“Today, more than ever, the country needs political solutions, which include the departure of the illegal Prime Minister, Edi Rama, and the creation of a transitional government to guarantee free and fair elections,” said Basha.

Basha says it has now been confirmed that the Parliament derived from the 2017 election is a product of organized crime.

“The government of Edi Rama is illegal and with Edi Rama as Prime Minister there cannot be free and fair elections,” concluded Basha.