The leaders of minor political parties in Albania and allies of the Democratic Party arrived on time today at the Presidency for their meeting with the Republic's President, Ilir Meta, regarding the country's current political crisis.

President Ilir Meta is expected to have talks with other political parties also after this initial meeting with 5 of the Democratic Party's allies.

The meeting lasting approximately an hour at the Presidency. Republican Party leader, Fatmir Mediu said that the messages from the Berlin summit must be read.

President Meta received the leaders of the political parties the Republican Party, the Environmentalist Agrarian Party, the Movement for National Development, the DemoChristian Party and the Union for Human Rights Party in his office for a meeting as requested by them.

President Meta expressed deep concern regarding the serious constitutional, institutional, and representational crisis the country is facing.

The head of state stressed that he had previously warned of the necessity to urgently approach dialogue and to avoid any actions that may escalate conflict.

President Meta underlined that he has made every effort to promote the implementation of Justice Reform within constitutional principles that would guarantee the balance of the system in a functional state of law.

If this had happened, the current political crisis would not have been able to occur in such large scale proportions.

The head of state expressed concern that by not having all opposition parties of the last parliamentary legislature register for election, not only is the adherence to political standards at risk, but it also creates a situation of political pluralism in the country.

President Meta emphasized that it is never too late to reflect and find solutions that would restore the constitutional, institutional and democratic normality of the country.