Interior Minister, Sandër Lleshaj, told Parliament that the cost of vetting the Police Force would be equivalent to at least 3 million dollars. 

He stated that vetting would be divided into 3 phases and 393 people will be tasked to run the process. Lleshaj stated:

“You know when the Vetting process in the Justice system has started when already 111 people have gone through the process, however, there are about 800 people in the justice system that will also need to undergo the vetting process, not to mention the 13 thousand people in the Interior Ministry.

“The underlying problem associated with this situation has to do with the time that is available to close the vetting process.

“According to current law, the vetting process for 13,000 Interior Ministry employees should be finished in March of next year. Even though this phase of the process has not yet started, it is very difficult, if not impossible. 

“This has been one of the main reasons that motivated the demands to government, which has now become a draft law and could modify the existing law on Vetting.

“Another reason for the request to amend the Law has to do with the large administrative volume required to enact it.

“About 240 full-time employees in the Police Force and at the Internal Affairs and Complaints Service would have to leave their regular jobs and dedicate the rest of their time to full-time Vetting. 

Realistically, this is a very large administrative volume that carries a 3 million dollar cost.