Preparations for the 2019 Municipal Elections, which will be held this June, are well under way. Under this framework, the State Police, in co-operations with the OSCE, commenced their training at the Security Academy today. The training aims to ensure the correct conditions are created to maintain a smooth running of operations throughout the entire electoral process. 

The OSCE Ambassador to Albania, Bernd Borchardt, attended the training today, stating that the role of Police includes providing a guarantee for the people that the final results reflect the political will of the entire Albanian society, stressing that further cooperation with the Central Election Commission and the prosecution is needed. 

“We are all aware of the political climate in the country whilst we are just three months away from elections.

“The cooperation between the State Police, the Central Election Commission and the Prosecution is essential to guaranteeing public confidence in the electoral process by combating all types of electoral misconductson the part of individuals or political parties," explained Borchardt. 

The OSCE Ambassador went on to praise the state police's role during the general elections of 2017.

This appreciation was expressed at the activity titled "State Police's role during electoral process" held in Tirana, where he also expressed his belief that the State Police will remain impartial during the next elections.

“During the general elections of 2017, the State Police's job was satisfactory. I believe that the police will an impartial role even in the next elections. The OSCE presence will continue being a strategic partner.

“I am sure that the professionalism of public institutions, including state police, can assure the people that their votes are really valid and that the final results will reflect the political will of the entire Albanian society.

“I am confident that the state police will be neutral in this important process and will behave with professionalism and dignity,” declared Borchardt.

For his part, the Director of State Police, Ardi Veliu said that the expectations of law enforcement are high, and that police are the main actors in guaranteeing all Albanians can exercise their right to vote. A clear example of this is the election processes of previous years where the State Police have best performed their duties, expressed in reports from specialized international structures that monitor the elections and our partners assisting the State Police.

"The expectations of the State Police for these elections is completely orientated towards the correct implementation of the law. 

"The training of all the employees of the State Police will serve to this purpose, the training which started today with the central and local heads of the State Police and will continue with all the employees that will be involved in this process,” said Ardi Veliu.In addition to those aforementioned, the directors of the regions and directors of the General Police Directorate were also in attendance for the training sessions today.