Lulzim Basha issued a communication to the media for the robbery at Rinas, where he said the state police are not being used to fight crime, but to fight the people.

“Violence, tear gas and terror have been used by police against the citizens in own their homes!

“This government has betrayed ordinary people and Albania is in economic misery, with injustice and insecurity in every corner of it.

“I urge all Albanians to listen to these bells of alarm. To unite! To give our hands to each other to put an end to this regime! To free justice, and to guarantee a government that works for the people,” Basha posted via Facebook.

“Yesterday, police entered citizen apartments, throwing tear gas inside their houses.

“These clashes are because residents want to protect their dwellings, and three citizens ended up in hospital.

“Police are being used for one purpose: fighting people, innocent people! Yet there is no attempt to fight crime.

“When an armed robbery can be carried out in the middle of the day at an international airport, then you can understand what level the police are truly at,” added Basha in a press release.

According to the Democratic Party chair, Lulzim Basha, Albania has returned into an operational base of organized crime.

In the media statement, the leader of the Opposition also said that the main reason and cause of the state's decline is the lack of security for the life and property of the citizens, due to the illegal and immoral pact between crime and the government.