Today's parliamentary session was marred by the protest action of the residents of the Astir area, who had previously warned of their intentions to fight for what they believe they are entitled to in regards to their dwellings which are affected by the construction of the Outer Ring Road. 

Prime Minister Edi Rama delivered a speech declaring that those who do not legally own their premises will not be compensated as there is no entitlement to compensation under the provisions of the law, a statement which caused the protesters to escalate their action and resulted in clashes with the police, the aftermath of which saw 16 police officers injured. 

One police officer suffered a blow to his ear, resulting in a loss of hearing, while 24 year old Ina Nuka was hit with a firecracker which resulted in her losing four fingers from her right hand.

Members of the Opposition were also in attendance for the protest. 

Following the spate of injuries, police officers begged and pleaded with the protesters, urging them to calm down and despite the residents communicating their refusal, the call did seem to calm the tense situation. 

Police remained present in the area and tried to remove those protesters who had become belligerent, forcing their removal from the area, though members of the Opposition attempted to prevent this from happening in some cases. 

Once the protest had concluded, police cordoned off the area with crime zone tape, while members of the Prosecution arrived at the Military Hospital where injured members of the police force were receiving treatment. 

Residents are far from finished in regards to their protest, having convened for a second time today since 5pm in the Astir area for action which is currently still in progress.