The Socialist Party National Assembly was held today.

According to Prime Minister Edi Rama, if the Socialist Party refer to the polls, they will be able to winan election even without doing anything, but despite this inaction not be tolerated.

The Socialist Party will start a campaign, the same as the election one, from May to September, to communicate with people about their governance and to determine if any ministers or socialist officials should be dismissed.

"If they are not performing their duties to the required standard they will be dismissed in September," said Edi Rama.

Rama accused the National Coordinator for Co-Governance, Elisa Spiropali of failing to perform her assignment to identify the directors of the socialist party in districts who are not working to help solve the problems of citizens, working only for their own personal interests.

"Spiropali has not done her job properly regarding the co-governance. These people should already be identified," said Edi Rama.

For Prime Minister, the Kukes case should serve the socialists to better understand when they are behaving arrogantly, while announcing that no future law will be approved without being made fully transparent prior.

"No law will be approved without transparency. This is one of the lessons we have learnt from the Kukes case," said Edi Rama.

The Prime Minister closed with some tough words regarding the Opposition, stating his Party is ruling without any Opposition which makes maintaining motivation a greater challenge.