Just as career politicians fight for the chance to sit in the biggest chairs of the Assembly Hall, the citizens also showed a clear preference for the Prime Minister's and Speaker's chairs during today's Assembly Open Day. 

While the country's current Prime Minister Edi Rama was attending the celebrations in Vlora for the 106th anniversary of Independence, a queue of Albanian citizens had formed with the hopes of being able to occupy his chair, albeit momentarily for now. 

Sending their messages for today's Flag Day, citizens were clear in expressing their wish that the country will receive a positive evaluation from EU countries, paving the way for the opening of negotiations for Albania's EU accession. 

At the open doors of the Assembly, T-Shirts were distributed to citizens with environmental slogans in an attempt to sensitize the population further in regards to global concerns.

Citizens will have a further opportunity to visit the Parliament tomorrow between the hours of 5pm and 7pm. 

/Ora News.tv/