Although he had announced a meeting at 11:30 o’clock with senior police chiefs, Prime Minister Edi Rama arrived at the Ministry of Interior building forty minutes late, waiting until after President Ilir Meta concluded his media conference.

Though he did not respond to the statements of President, the Head of Government had a warning to the opposition, saying that in the penal code changes, attacks on Police will be punishable by imprisonment rather than just with fines as the offence is currently.

Rama said the same force of law would also apply to those who block roads as a form of protest.

Rama thanked the officials engaged for the protests since February. He said 60 police officers had been injured, praising them for their determination and exemplary restraint.

Prime Minister Rama highlighted the case of Ina Nuka, the "Eagle" effective that was hit with a firecracker, to which he awarded her “The star of Gratitude”.

The Prime Minister urged the State Police Director, Ardi Veliu, to apply early retirement pensions to police officers who incur injuries whilst in the line of duty.