Prime Minister Edi Rama called the suggestions of the establishment of an ISIS camp in Albania as a 'cosmic contrivance'. Rama also had a message for any European who proposes it, even in jest.

"What a cosmic contrivance, 600,000 ISIS soldiers coming to Albania. ISIS does not have 600,000 soldiers on the ground that it is breaking up, no more 600 thousand passengers waiting for the aircraft to come to Albania. 

"Meanwhile, there is no question for anyone in Europe to think that Albania can become a mega-point of gathering even for 600,000 ordinary refugees. 

"Even if anyone in Europe suggests such a joke we will smile with regret and we will suggest a psychologist, but we cannot imagine such things actually happening," said Edi Rama.

Rama's statement was made this morning during a public hearing with the residents of the Karahaxh village of Saranda.