Democratic Party supporters in the district of Elbasan, protested against the position of Prime Minister Edi Rama, for keeping Fatmir Xhafaj in place as the minister of interior, and tensions were high.

While in Elbasan, at the Labor Fair, Democrats denounced that state police forces took banners that the protesters held, causing a clash between DP supporters and Aurel Bylykbashi, the DP branch leader in Elbasan, with Blerim Berbati, the deputy director of police, who was on duty.

There was one moment of relief in the tension, when a Muslim believer intervened as a guard attempted to take a banner from a DP youth. He asked guard workers to let citizens protest peacefully, while reminding the guards that they are paid by citizen taxes.

After the protests, Democratic Party MP Luçiano Boçi, said Rama deserves this behavior. He called the opening of a labor fair in Elbasan, the city with the highest number of unemployed, as a cynical move.

Socialist Party Parliamentary Group Chairman, Taulant Balla, called the number of participants embarrassing, saying that the Ideal Party of December as the DP is called, has been transformed into an association of Lulzim Basha.