The Netherland Parliament's decision to re-implement visa requirements for Albanians has been called out by the Prime Minister, Edi Rama, during a speech from the Parliamentary podium as political propaganda.

Rama considered the decision ungrounded in facts and according to him, the local MPs who proposed the initiative simply seek to win votes in The Netherlands at the expense of the Albanian people.

The Head of the Government was harsh in his commentary directed to the DP, accusing them of celebrating this negative news for Albania.

He even went as far as describing this as one of the darkest days of Albanian politics of recent years.

The Socialists have been clear that they are not willing to negotiate the point of early Parliamentary elections, with Rama daring the DP find a legitimate reason to overthrow the majority.

Prime Minister Rama declared that despite the attacks both inside and outside Albania, the country has performed its duties as approved by the EC, who have given Albania a positive recommendation without conditions.