Shkodra remains one of the last cities where the mayor's rotation has not been made and an area that has become the focus of a major political debate.

The Democratic Party has released a document accusing Valdrin Pjetri, elected as Mayor of Shkodra in the June 30 elections, of having been refused permission to enter Italy back in 2003.

The document also contains the name of Altin Doda, who is the coordinator of unit 3 in the capital and the son of a former Socialist Party minister.

The Democratic Party general secretary, Gazmend Bardhi, even says that Pjetri has signed a guilty plea.

“On January 28, 2003, before the court, Valdrin Pjetri admitted to being guilty of committing the crime, signing an agreement for his immediate conviction under the Italian penal code.

“He was convicted by the Florence Court in a final decision dated 12 June 2003, sentenced to 18 months in prison and a fine of 1,000 Euros, for the offense of ‘Distribution, Production and Trafficking of Narcotic Drugs and Other Illegal Psychotropic Substances, Conducted in Collaboration’.”

“Because of a plea agreement, the court ordered the suspension of the sentence.

“On 3 February 2003, Valdrin Pjetri had his residence permit revoked and on 4 February 2003 he was deported from the Italian State,” said Bardhi.

According to Gazmend Bardhi under these conditions Pjetri could not run as the law on decriminalization prohibits it.

“All this evidence proves that Valdrin Pjetri is subject to a ban on exercising a public function by the decriminalization law.

“According to decriminalization law, you are deemed ineligible to be elected as mayor if you have been sentenced to imprisonment in a final decision for the offence of “Production, sale and trafficking of narcotics" or if you have been expelled from the territory of a European Union Member State.

“This is the case whether or not the decision is issued by Albanian or International justice authorities.

“Such circumstances are found in the case of Valdrin Pjetri and Italy, in connection with these penal offenses,” stated Bardhi.

In a statement to the media, Bardhi also publicized the views of Prime Minister Rama in support of Pjetri, as well as the denial that the elected official in Shkodra made to the opposition.

Meanwhile Taulant Balla, via Facebook, stressed that this is a political attack and that the justice institutions should react. He stated that the Socialist Party will stand by any decision made by law enforcement.