The Elbasan Region has the highest number of people with disabilities in Albania.

According to the Institute of Statistics it was concluded that in 2017, the number of persons with disabilities that are part of the State Social Service's schemes at the Ministry of Health is about 50,000.

While estimating according to the counties, Elbasan has 311.7 people with disabilities per 10,000 inhabitants.

Meanwhile, the lowest number is found in the Tirana district where 89.9 people with disabilities are counted for 10,000 inhabitants followed by Durrës and Fier.

Creating people's disabilities is related to several factors, including poverty, malnutrition, illness from bad living conditions, for example, lack of safe water and sanitation, but also environmental exposure.

Elbasan is one of the cities with significant environmental pollution associated with the mining industry.

Persons with disabilities in Albania have many difficulties to become part of the education system where 1 in 4 disabled people have been unable to attend school, most of whom have remained illiterate.

From this situation, most young people aged 15 to 24 have been affected by culinary constraints in their earlier periods of life, as educational facilities tailored to their needs may not be available and accessible.