New reports on the mistreatment by police officers during an intervention today on university premises. Professor, Mark Marku denouncing the intervention by the state police and accusing Minister Sandër Lleshaj of using the Police to threaten instructors and students.

Marku stated that Police forces came with threats while he says he captured it all on film and plans on dealing with the case in Court and at the People's Advocate. He said the Police were hiding behind walls so they would not reveal their faces in the video, stating:

"This is the image of the Police force under Sandër Lleshaj?" 

When asked if he has any calls for the government, Marku replied:

“I have no calls for anyone to hear at all. The Prime Minister is now in Saudi Arabia. Minister Lleshaj made a statement yesterday that he denys today. Both are completely bereft of morality; I do not know where their morality has gone.

Marku concluded his statements by saying: “I have no calls for anyone. The only appeal that I have for them is not to be so treacherous because we are not afraid.”