The “Party for Justice, Integration and Unity” has considered the decision by the Democratic Party to go out in protests until the removal of Edi Rama “rediculous.”

According to Shpëtim Idrizi, the united opposition should unveil their platform to resolve the problems of the country, not just to denounce so-called government casualties.

“The opposition should consider it a National emergency and respond to all the questions that we Albanians have. I cannot understand how he can find a way to remove Rama.

The PDIU's criticisms go beyond the opposition. Idrizi accuses all politics of being complacent and to furthermore demand Greece to respect the Çam citizens’ rights or else abolish the “Law of War.”

As they feel powerless in Albanian politics, the PDIU called upon Albanians living in the diaspora to protest the rights of the Çam, even if in means in front of the United States Congress.