The Socialist Party's Parliamentary Group Chair, Taulant Balla, called the attempt by the opposition to block the normal functioning of the Assembly as 'pointless'.

"Regardless of the pathetic statements being offered at the Assembly Podium, the Assembly of Albania still fulfilled all obligations regarding its normal functioning as the organ that adopts legislation to further work on the government's implementation and execution of law," said Taulant Balla outside the Assembly.

Balla said that the Parliament approved today two very important draft laws in the fields of energy and the agriculture.

"We have two very important agreements, the first with KFV, the German government, which enables very important investments in the power transmission network between Albania and Kosovo and the Tirana-Pristina axis.

This is a 42milion euro investment wholly-funded by KFV that is part of an alternative connection to the supply of electricity exchanges between Albania and Kosovo.

The transfer to the Assembly enables the disbursement of the fund. Then we can start work on the investment we have called the 'Kosovo Independence if Energy'," said Taulant Balla.

Second, the agreement with the EBRD regarding three supplies related to irrigation were also approved. These three areas are the most important for Albanian agriculture. 

There was also an important decision made by the Assembly regarding the monitoring of the functions of new justice institutions as part of the Justice Reform.