The Socialist Party has called on the new parliamentary opposition to continue the cooperation on changing the Electoral Code.

Speaking at the parliamentary session, Taulant Balla insisted that it was the Democratic and Socialist Movement for Integration parties which did not ascertain the voting of emigrants.

Although he called for comprehensive reform, he indicated that parliament would continue with the changes to the Electoral Code. Stating:

“I have respect for the political history and the continuation of inclusive political dialogue in this country.

“We will have a new electoral code. I will say it again: we have not done reform without depoliticizing the election commissions or removing the parties from the vote count.

“It must be done voluntarily by people without links to politics and if a single vote moves from one side to another, he or she must be held accountable and sentenced to 7 years in prison.”

“If they do not want to do this, it does not mean that electoral reform will remain a pledge. Hajdari and Gjiknuri communicate constantly; I urge you to assemble the commission as soon as possible,” said Balla.

The Minister of Diaspora, Pandeli Majko, has calmed if there were to be a deal between socialists and democrats, it should be voted on in parliament.

“Since the issue of our agreement with the Socialist Party was discussed here, you don’t have to worry. In the end, this is a story that belongs to us and the consequences of it will fall on us.

“What is important to you is that any agreement discussed outside this parliament hall: in the end, it will come back to this hall to be voted on,” said Majko.

The invitation to co-operate in the Assembly comes just a few days after the OSCE/ODIHR report on Albania's local elections, which criticized the politicization of the process and refusal to publish it in the official notebook of the October 13th elections.