Two options are being offered by the Municipality of Tirana for residents affected by the Outer Ring project who have no document, those being the receipt of rental assistance for a period of three-years, or social housing.

To inspect the conditions offered through social housing, Mayor Erion Veliaj was in Shkozë, who appealed to families to apply at the administrative units to receive their benefits.

“The apartments have been made ready in record time. They come furnished with all appliances, from fridges to TVs, so that every family has what it needs.

“What I have seen is that conditions in these residences are, in fact, several times better than the homes these families will leave behind, which are without ownership documents anyway.

“Initially, this is reserved for all the families that have applied to the Municipality of Tirana and have no documents, while others can take advantage of expropriation compensation. 

“My invitation is for all those eligible to apply for social housing in their relative administrative unit,” added Veliaj.

The Mayor did not miss the opportunity to comment on the opposition which has emerged in support of the residents of Astir, asking the residents to distance themselves from being used politically.

“The Municipality of Tirana is here to regulate the affairs of residents, not political party affairs.

“For those MPs who park their Range Rover to pursue their hobby of encouraging disruptive behavior in protests, I think that the outcome is clear,” said Erion Veliaj. 

Until now, 15 families have applied for social housing and, according to Veliaj, they will be the first to be settled in Shkoza.