The opposition today held its latest protest in front of the Assembly hall against the Rama government.

The protest began at 9:30 this morning at the same time a parliamentary session was being held and it did not go without its share of controversy. 

Many onlookers noticed considerable tension and violence between the police and the residents affected by the New Ring Road.

Protesters attempted to break the police cordon while throwing smoke bombs and firecrackers towards police officers.

Meanwhile, around 1000 police officers were on site, including many female officers.

Lulzim Basha and SMI chair, Monika Kryemadhi, delivered their messages before parliament concluding that Prime Minister, Edi Rama, has turned into one of the most notorious thieves in all of Europe.

This declaration was made during Basha's speech front of Parliament, where Basha declared that the Prime Minister's main trait is deception.

Basha added that the prime minister's time has come to an end. Stating:

“For six years, this gang has stolen from Albanians. They have increased our taxes, the price of electricity, and jailed the citizens who can't even pay their electricity bill. He's caused hundreds of thousands of Albanians to leave our country,” 

In the final moments of the protest, the chair of the Democratic Party delivered his speech to supporters at the blue headquarters.

He said that today serves as the voice of citizens who've expressed that there simply cannot be elections held with Prime Minister, Edi Rama. Basha stated:

“Today, in this protest, you have heard the voice of the majority of Albanians who have a clear and irrevocable message: “Rama must go!”

“Our struggle and battle is opening a horizon of hope for every Albanian that will build a European future here in this country. 

“For those who do not understand, there will be no elections with Edi Rama. We cannot allow a Pact with the ‘Maduro’ of the Balkans. This battle has already begun to liberate Albania.

“Our resistance has started to turn every Albanian into governance and it will not stop until it becomes a reality.

“I pray today before you, that there is no force to betray you or to betray this movement.

“Your verdict for Albania as a part of Europe will become a reality.

“I will be with you in the rain and in the sun, at dawn or sunset.”

“We will not give up on you or your dreams to provide your children a true European democracy. 

“This is the battle we are fighting for. We will continue the battle until victory and ultimately the liberation of Albania.

“Albania will have a future but it will not be the future of Edi Rama. It will be a future for ordinary Albanians.

"The opposition in Albania is determined to boycott the local elections on June 30."

“There will be no elections with Edi Rama as Prime Minister. We will not make a pact with him. We will resist and never go back until this Government is over,” said Basha.

Meanwhile, the opposition has warned of yet another massive protest on the 13th of April.