The bank accounts of Opposition MPs are suffering as a result of the parliamentary boycott.

Lulzim Basha's allies needs to repay home loans and education loans remain, despite taking a huge hit to salaries. Fatmir Mediu, the Republican Party chair, managed to earn about 26 thousand euro as an MP during 2018.

According to the wealth declaration form, his income is dericed mainly from bank interest, his salary as an MP, and the sale of a vehicle worth 7,000 euro.

Mediu paid 2400 euro last year toward a loan, for which he has a remaining outstanding balance of 18,000 euro.

Meanwhile, another united opposition ally, Nard Ndoka, has managed to pay off a loan of 16,500 euro taken in 2016, but is still paying off a loan borrowed in the same year to the value of 35,000 euro.

The income of the Leader of the Demochristian Party of Albania dropped by 2600 euro in 2018, although his annual income remained almost twice as high as that of Fatmir Mediu.

His salary as MP and banking interest earned Vangjel Dule 26,000 euro, but he has also spent to pay off loan instalments, which have a remaining balance of 10,500 euro.

Basha's ally also received a study loan from a British nonprofit organization worth 10,000 euro.

The only individual from the united opposition who does not have to think about bank payments is Dashamir Shehi.

Thanks to his property portfolio and his work as an MP and teacher, Shehi has not had to take out loans to meet his family's needs. During 2018, he earned a comfortable 32 thousand euro to contribute towards his family budget.