Rudina Hajdari has considered the initiative to dismiss her from duty as coming from the external opposition. In a special press release, she blamed three particular individuals.

“I remind you that there are three people asking for my dismissal, people who have not made any parliamentary contribution nor any legislative initiative. It is a well-planned attempt by these three people: Korab Lita, Alban Zeneli and Arben Elezi.

“These three people continue to put tremendous pressure on the opposition. We will not allow them to destroy the opposition, despite these attempts from outside. The opposition will become even stronger.”

Hajdari stressed that the aim is to stop the contribution of the parliamentary opposition that, according to her, has the support of internationals.

Regarding the requirement for the Electoral Reform, Hajdari says that with a change of system, we can move away from the dependence on party leaders.

However, Alban Zeneli says Hajdari violated the parliamentary group rules.

For Rudina Hajdari, the internationals have supported Albania in the integration process, but it is Basha and Rama who do not allow progress.