Customers who are not yet equipped with a water contract should rush to take advantage of the remaining weeks of the legalization grace period.

 Today, the operation against businesses without contracts with the water supplier or are not equipped with water meters, however family customers still have until February 28th to arrange that which is necessary without the need to face penalties. 

 "Who has decided to live in Tirana, has admitted that here we respect rules and state contracts.

 "In Tirana, we do not steal public property. Just like the 90% of Tirana's population that pay all their bills and liabilities, I believe that the remaining 10% would prefer to do the right thing voluntarily instead of being penalized," said Erion Veliaj.

 Mayor Veliaj, accompanied also by a USAID Representative in Albania, Catherine Johnson, participated in the inauguration of the UKT Server Room and rollout of new software. 

 "I am very pleased to see the wonderful work that is being done here and the fantastic cooperation between USAID and the City of Tirana. 

 One of the things that continues to give us real hope for Albania are the wonderful reforms in the process and how people themselves are welcoming these reforms.

 "This kind of support, this kind of reforms, is exactly what we need to ensure that the future of Albania is safe," stated Johnson.

 This project has been realized with the support of USAID, and is aimed at improving the collection and storage of data, as well as billing of customers.