Following the recent action aimed at guaranteeing the quality of food products, the National Food Authority has stopped a van which was distributing mussels despite it have no capacity for refrigeration or any of the required accompanying documentation. 

The National Food Authority has stopped the sale of the 100kg worth of mussels and imposed administrative measures against the citizen, Kristo Veizi, who was trading them. 

The action also continued in the village of Memaliaj, in Përmet, where some expired foodstuffs were found on sale. Such products were also found in the village of Duhanas in Berat. 

For the two entities of concern, the National Food Authority has imposed fines.

The National Food Authority announced that, during this period of high temperatures and because of the increase in the volume of trade within the tourist season, they will continue this action to identify unsafe food sale conditions, prohibit such dangerous food from being sold and punish those who violate the rules. 

Also, the National Food Authority encourages all citizens to denounce any institutions who conduct themselves in a substandard way when it comes to food safety.