The oil price in Albania is one of the highest in the region.

Currently one liter of diesel is trading above 184 lekë and is even tending to reach 200 lekë per liter.

Market operators justify that the situation is the result of the impacts from international markets.

Another reason for expensive oil is also taxes that reach the level of 120 lekë per liter.

Citizens complain that it is absurd for oil to be so expensive and they appeal to the Prime Minister to review the tax rate because they simply unable to afford it.

They argue that the price is extremely high, especially when compared to the region, yet salaries in Albania are among the lowest.

Businesses have also raised concerns about the high oil price in the country and they have demanded interference with the fiscal package.

According to Konfindustria, a Regulatory Entity should be set up, which will be responsible for the price and quality of products circulating in the market.

Secondly, the vehicle traffic tax should be reduced by at least 50%. Currently the tax generates a gross value of close to 120 million euro per year.