The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, declared today that he is ready to change the date of the 13 October elections!

Meta explained that he is a flexible person, so if the Prime Minister doesn't like the 13th of October, then the date can be change the date, but the new date must be before 17th or 18th of October.

“It is necessary to be responsible to the Albanian people, starting with me as President and progressing to Mr. Rama as the chair of the current government and ruling majority, as well as to Basha as the leader of the opposition.

“If we do not organize comprehensive elections, or if we do not find a solution for the current crisis, then we will fail in the 'fall exam'.

“I look forward to meeting Mr. Rama and determining a solution to this crisis,” declared Meta.

The Head of State encouraged political leaders to avoid wasting another day, hour or second on this issue.

“We cannot pass this ‘exam’ without making standard choices. The negotiations can be opened only with improved standards.

“Those who want solutions are welcomed at the Presidency and I will continue to keep the most principled position,” concluded President Meta.