16.1 billion lekë is the amount of damage caused to the state budget as a result of fraudulent schemes during 2018.

According to the report by the General Directorate of Taxation, the biggest damage was caused by concealment of revenue, to the amount of 6.5 billion lekë.

This is followed by 5.4 billion lekë for the non-payment of taxes and the establishment of abusive schemes with the reimbursement of VAT.

The Tax Investigation Department has referred 308 cases to the Prosecution, with most concerns arising from Tirana.

In the General Tax Directorate’s report, it is emphasized that citizens play a key role in denouncing fraudulent schemes, of which 30% have been proven.

On the other hand, the government's obligations to businesses continue to be high. The figure for the report goes to 107.7 billion, representing an increase of about 12 billion lekë.

When breaking down the debt, VAT represents the largest portion at 37%, followed by Income Tax at 28%, Social Insurance & Health at 13% and TAP at 1%.

/Ora News.tv/