For some of the European Union leaders, Friday's denial of membership negotiations for Albania and Northern Macedonia was a historic mistake. But the decision has been welcomed by far-right forces in some of the member states, including France and Germany.

The "Alternative for Germany" party said on Friday that politicians and the citizens of the two countries are responsible for their refusal to vote.

“Even the personal presence of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in Berlin cannot justify the reasonable doubts we have.

“As long as the country, among other things, does not have a functioning Constitutional Court, there are no negotiations. Joining the EU is not a Christmas present,” the AFD stated through Bundestag MP, Siegbert Droese.

In France, the party of Marin Le Pen supported President Emmanuel Macron's veto to open up negotiations.

Like their German counterparts, MEP Hélène Laporte welcomed in Paris the Netherlands, Denmark and Spain while fantasizing over the position of Berlin and Brussels in the negotiations.

“Due to the economic situation, both countries do not have the capacity to contribute to the EU budget in a surplus manner.

“Therefore, we as a party are calling for all EU accession processes to be stopped, which, don't forget, cost billions of Euros each year,” the French representative to the European Parliament said.

The Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen also reiterated his reservations about negotiations with Albania, saying the country must address the concerns held by member countries until further decision-making.

Përktheu: Paola Pupla