The launch of the electoral campaign by participating parties is accompanied by the intensification of calls for dialogue and the avoidance of violence.

The Slovak Foreign Minister, Miroslav Lajčák, after meeting with his Albanian counterpart, Gent Cakaj, said the boycott of elections is not a solution. Stating:

“I am against the opposition's decision to not participate in the elections.

“I want to say openly that the continuation of violent protests will hurt Albania's efforts for reform and will undoubtedly hinder the realization of domestic and international priorities.

“I call on all the stakeholders to find a solution and to contribute to the strengthening of institutions.”

Cakaj admits that although the current situation is damaging Albania's image, the government will not withdrawn from the June 30th elections.

OSCE chair, Miroslav Lajčák, condemned the acts of intimidation that were made to the head of OSCE, Bernd Borchardt, in Tirana. Stating:

“Violence and the intimidation used against officials of international organizations is unacceptable. We strongly disagree with the threats made towards the OSCE mission.

Speaker of the Parliament, Gramoz Ruçi, received today the OSCE President, while at the same time the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Miroslav Lajčák, declared that the Albanian parliament is in fact functional.

Mr Ruçi informed Lajčák on the progress of reforms taken in the framework of EU integration as well as the preparations of Albania to assume the OSCE Presidency.

Lajčák noted that “Albania has made undeniable steps in the integration reforms and deserves appraisal”, while also saying he trusts that Albania will achieve a successful OSCE Presidency, based on the priorities and the values of the organization.

Lajčák is currently in   in the capacity of the next OSCE's President, attending meetings in the framework of Albania's preparation for the OSCE Presidency in 2020.

Currently, Albania is in the OSCE Troika, and in June of next year, Albania will take over the leadership of this organization.