The Former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri will continue to be investigated whilst free. 

The Appeals Court today overturned the security measure of "house arrest" which had been applied against Saimir Tahiri. The Former Interior Minister will now be investigated without any security measures enforced.

"The Court of Appeal has annulled the decision of the Serious Crimes Court. My client will be investigated from now on without security measures. 

"The final decision of the Court was the abolition of Decision No. 97 dated the 12th May, 2018 and Decision 101 from the 15th of May, 2018 when "house arrest" was imposed. Currently my client has no security measures in force.

"Whilst I would not call it an outright victory, though for me it was in a way. 

"There are clearly defined guidelines as to the general criteria for security measures, which has been based on the European Court of Human Rights and the Joint College of the High Court. 

"I now believe that these guidelines have been followed appropriately," declared Saimir Tahiri's lawyer, Maks Haxhia.