The European Union Ambassador to Albania, Romana Vlahutin, has extinguished any allegations of a refugee camp being set up by in Albania. 

From Berat, she spoke firmly when declaring the statements as untrue, adding that the Bulgarian Prime Minister's statement was misinterpreted. 

"Such allegations are entirely a misinterpretation of what the Bulgarian Prime Minister has said during that press conference. I was there at the meeting and can assure you that it is absolutely not the case.

"What has been spoken for a long time is the idea for the existence of a study center, where colleagues can discuss, see the phenomenon and figure out what is happening. There is absolutely no idea about having such a camp as has been alleged as of late. 

"There are two reasons why this kind of center being built here is being discussed. First of all, it is a good location because the Albanian state is doing a very good job when it comes to the work against violent extremism and its prevention. 

"On the other hand, Albania has a good model of religious harmony makes a very good place to have a regional center and I repeat that this is absolutely not about returnees," confirmed Romana Vlahutin.

Regarding the opening of negotiations, Vlahutin said Albania has done good work, but it still depends on the decisions made by each member state on the day of the meeting to be held at the end of June. 

"We will see on June 28 what the EU countries decide. I know that Albania has worked hard, but the decision ultimately depends on the positions taken by each of the 28 member states. 

"The Commission did what it should do and said what it should say in giving the unconditional recommendation. Therefore what is important is to continue working. Then we will see what will be said by the EU countries. 

"I do not want to prejudge such an important decision ahead of the time," said Romana Vlahutin.