The motion of the majority against President Ilir Meta will not receive a unanimous positive vote from all MPs, given that some new opposition MPs have stated they will vote against the dismissal.  

MP Lefter Maliqi says that even some Socialist Party MPs will vote against, referring to the majority's motion as ‘stupidity’.

“There are at least 5 SP MPs who will not vote for the President's dismissal.

“Meanwhile, according to my contacts the largest part of the opposition MPs will not vote for the dismissal of the President. I want to be in the Commission,” said Lefter Maliqi.

The Chair of the Media Commission, Fatjona Dhimitri, who emerged from the Democratic Party list, shared a similar view, adding that Meta's dismissal was also discussed during the Conference of Chairmen.

 “Personally, I am opposed to the motion for debate, because I think there is no room for debate regarding the President’s decree. This is because I do not believe his actions to be unconstitutional,” said Fatjona Dhimitri.

Through a status on Facebook, MP Ralf Gjoni writes that he will vote against the dismissal of the president, but underlines that his vote remains conditioned by the change of electoral reform.