In a 16-point response, feeling sorry for the opposition's attacks on the Interior Minister, Fatmir Xhafaj, the Socialist Party MP Vasilika Hysi announced that the draft law on the Penal Code has been processed by justice reform experts. 

Hysi argued that the draft law voted on by the Committee was the same as that voted at the plenary session, denying that it had been forged.

"The draft law was subject to public consultation with field experts. This is the practice that is followed for every draft law. 

"Their suggestions and remarks were reflected in every article for which they had them. So the commission voted on the version which is in force," it was written in Hysi's response.

Regarding Point F of article 491, which prohibits extradition without being assured that the state that seeks it gives guarantees a retrial, MP Hysi says it is in accordance with the extradition convention.

"The article, that is the next opposition cause, is a reflection of the extradition convention," it was written in the Hysi's response.

For Hysi, the opposition has had all the time to study the draft law before being approved by the commission but chose to attack in this period after the resignation of Saimir Tahiri overturned their cause.

"Why didn't the opposition raise this problem over 1 year ago? Why raise it right now, when the justice reform has begun to see results and the former colleague Tahiri did not give the opposition the chance to continue to have him as a cause?! 

"Xhafaj would certainly be an object of attack, there was no doubt for this. The Justice Reform has shaken many foundations and has endangered many interests and people who are related to illegal interests," it was also written in Hysi's response.

In conclusion, the MP of the majority called the accusations of the opposition harmful, in the case where the latter are not informed with parliamentary practice and have not participated in the discussion of the draft law.