Unlike the Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, who stated that the opposition accepts President Meta's proposal for three elections on October 13, Prime Minister Edi Rama remains unwavering in his stance on the issue.

“The elections were held on the 30th of June. We are very committed to starting the whole process of leading local government.

“For this we have raised three leading councils and this is our focus. We have the challenge of solving people's problems. We do not have time to deal with the internal affairs of the opposition or the President.

“October 13 for me is the same as October 12, November 14, September 15, November 6, or December 22,” said Rama.

After about 5 hours of discussions at the Socialist Party's leadership meeting, the Prime Minister said he is ready to dialogue and to sit at a table to resolve the political crisis, but that there can be no discussion regarding his ruling mandate.

“We are available to sit at a table with anyone, without exception or judgment, to discuss the country's challenges and what is important, to address, in terms of game rules, the function of electoral reform.

“Regarding our Constitution, legality, and our governing mandate, these are not issues that we have to discuss with anyone else because they relate to our obligations.

“We are a ruling majority that have the obligation to honor the mandate given to us until 2021,” said Rama.

The focus of the meeting of the Socialist Party's leadership, which has been held for the second time within a week, was the results of the June 30th voting.

One of the decisions that was made at the leadership meeting was the postponement of the National Assembly. It will now be held on the 23rd of July at the Palace of Congress.

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