Western Nile Virus has caused panic in Balkans after sufferers have been identified in Serbia, Greece, Romania and Kosovo.

Albania is not immune to this virus that causes neurological diseases, but so far specialists of the Institute of Public Health say they have not found any affected cases. 

The virus is transmitted only through mosquitoes and not by person-to-person contact.

There is no characteristic symptom but if you have fever, feel weak or have red marks appearing on the body, you should consult a doctor. 

There is no vaccine for Nile Virus, but the Institute of Public Health specialist Silva Bino says citizens should first take care of the hygiene. 

For the first time in Europe, the Western Nile virus was detected in the Czech Republic in two Albanian travelers. 

The virus first appeared in our country in 2011, where some people were infected, but no sufferers were identified. 

/Ora News.tv/